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IMVUX offers a great deal on IMVU credits, you get the credits instantly, and a huge plus is that you can enter the exact amount of money you wish to spend – you could pay as little as $1.30 if you wanted to. I have never had any trouble whatsoever with IMVUX when buying credits from them, and definitely recommend them to anyone looking to purchase credits from a trusted reseller!


I have been using IMVUX. IMVU credits for years.. it's fast, safe and well worth it... and when you purchasse through paypal it goes right to your account i love this site, and would absolutely recommend it to others... :) it's definately one of my favorite sites. Excellent


I love this site! Been using it since I've joined IMVU. I love that I can choose how much I pay for IMVU credits instead of just settling and overpaying money I don't want to spend. It's perfect. :)

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