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  • Note: If the recipient does not allow messages from non-buddies, the credits will be delivered, but your message and/or gift product might not be received.
  • IMVU inventory only allows one imvux Gift Box item per avatar. If the recipient has already received an imvux Gift Box, they will receive the credits and your message only.

Ordering Details

  • Credits are sent automatically.
  • If purchased using eCheck, credits are transfered when the eCheck clears.
  • Enter either the number of credits, or the dollar amount.
  • Our current rate is: 1600 Cr / 1 USD
  • Minimum amount: 1 USD (1,600 Cr) Maximum amount: 75 USD (120,000 Cr)
  • A 0.30 purchase fee is added to offset the payment processing cost.
Terms and Conditions
"I understand that I am placing an order for the service of transferring IMVU credits (a virtual good) to my IMVU account. By placing this order, I am certifying that I am the financial account holder or have been authorized by the account holder to make this purchase. I understand that by placing this order I am responsible for paying the USD amount listed above, and that if payment is retracted, I will be responsible for either repaying this USD amount or returning the credits I received. I also understand that payment retraction may constitute fraud and will be reported to IMVU, PayPal, other credit resellers, and any other relevant authorities. I agree that IMVU transaction logs may be used as proof that the service was provided, in the case that a dispute arises."
Fraudulent activity will result in the permanent banning of your account from, and is likely to result in IMVU disabling your account.

KIDS: Please make sure you have your parents’ permission before using their credit card. If you use their card without permission, they will find out, and your IMVU account will be banned.